One of the largest of Tanzania's many National Parks, Tarangire is home to immense herds of elephants.  One of the few places in the region that has water even in the dry season, it attracts wildlife from many nearby parks.  It is also home to over 500 species of birds during the wet season.  We will be there in April nearing the end of the wet season but also considered the best month for bird photography.  On all previous trips we have seen, impala, waterbuck, warthogs, jackal, giraffe as well as others  Last trip we found a pair of cheetahs!  Located in the rift valley, the park has more woodlands and underbrush than the drier, Serengeti and Ndutu plains.  The park is linked to the town of Arusha by a paved road.  Our visit to the park will last a day and a half.  We will utilize the superb Maramboi Tented Camp on the edge of Lake Manyara.