The "Crown Jewel" of East Africa's parks has to be Serengeti.  With it's wide ranging grass lands, wooded river and stream valleys, green hills and kopjes, it is the world preserved as it was thousands of years ago.  The diversity, abundance and significance of its wildlife cannot be imagined.  From your first encounter with the herds of wildebeest moving, always moving to new grasslands, you will fall in love with the vistas.  The wildebeest are always on the move, following a migration pattern that has been uninterrupted for eons.  Covering some 3000 kilometers, the migration includes zebra, eland, grant's gazelles and other ungulates.  We choose April to be in Serengeti as this is the normal time when the herds are still largely grouped and moving from southern Serengeti/Ndutu through central Serengeti, precisely the locations of our two camps in the park.

Expect to see many lions, cheetah, hyena and other wildlife too numerous to list.  We have been successful in finding the most elusive of the big cats, leopards, on all trips.  We also find a great diversity of birds on the plains of Serengeti.  Saying "Plains of Serengeti" is somewhat redundant as the word Serengeti is derived from the Maasai word Serengit which means endless plains.  It was precisely these endless plains that first drew us to Tanzania, looking so much like our home state of Kansas and its tall, medium and short grass plains.  Come see it for your self and fall in love like we did almost two decades ago!