Jim & Cindy Griggs | Peru - 2017 with Jim Griggs

Peru 2017


Looking for a great trip for 2017?  This should be fun and spectacular.  Join us in June 2017 for a superb two part trip.  First we spend a few days exploring the spectacular Tambopata Rainforest area.  Tambopata is a great place to experience the Amazonian Ecosystem first hand while staying at the luxurious Refugio Amazonas Ecotourism Lodge.  The Flora and Fauna of the region are perfect examples of the entire Amazon basin.  Join our guide as he explains the symbiotic relationships of the various plants and animals that inhabit the rainforest.  Cruise on an oxbow lake and look for caiman, giant river otters as well as the abundant bird life.  Visit a Brazil Nut plantation located in the heart of the Tambopata rainforest.  


On the second part of the trip we will visit the Sacred Valley near the city of Cusco then travel by train up a canyon to the base of Machu Picchu.  We will have an entire day at these magnificent Inca structures in the most amazing setting you will ever see plus we have rooms at the Inka Terra Lodge where there are magnificent birding trails with some terrific bird photo opportunities.  Please feel free to download and read the linked PDF file about the trip.

Peru 2017 Information PDF


Tambopata Animal List


Tambopata Bird List