Jim & Cindy Griggs | Introduction to Wildlife and Wildflower Photography

Introduction to Wildlife and Wildflower Photography

                                                         with Jim Griggs and Jeff Heidel




With only a couple of hours or so of time to go over the topics before we head out into the field the list of topics to be covered is limited.  We expect to cover the following:


  • How your camera works with the choices of shutter speed, apertures and ISO settings. 
  •   How to compose a good image
  •   Controlling depth of field
  •   Stopping action
  •   Blurring action 
  •   Close up and macro basics
  •   Lens focal length choices


The instructional portion of the class does not require a special camera.  We will help you work with what you already own plus explain the options for moving up if you desire to improve your equipment.


Part of the afternoon will include a tram ride out onto Maxwell Refuge to photograph the resident Bison herds.  We plan to spend some time with the plants and other wildlife that appear in August.


Equipment Suggested:


  • Your Camera
  • Storage Cards for the digital files
  • Lenses of your choice
  • Tripod if you have one
  • Ground cloth of plastic trash bag (We shoot down low with the flowers!)
  • Appropriate clothes for the weather (If it is not a downpour, we WILL shoot!)


Contact Jim Griggs for Information.  Limited to 10 participants.  


Registration Fee is $60 per person.


Date:  August 23, 2014

Time:  1:00pm - 6:00pm


Light snacks and drinks available.

Please Download and Print the Registration and Waiver Forms below and Mail them along with your registration fee to Jim Griggs.


Registration Form


Liability Waiver