Karen Bradshaw Smith(non-registered)
Outstanding and stunning photography! I don't have enough words to describe what I feel when cruising through your photos. Today, I added this link to a posting. I want EVERYONE to see and know yours and Cindy's hard work!
Brent Wallace(non-registered)
Incredible work Jim, beautiful light and timing. Love you website.
Dan Esarey(non-registered)
Jim. Just came across your card. Not sure where we crossed paths, perhaps on a cattle ranch in Kansas. Just visited your web site and must say, what a wonderful exciting variety of excellent work. Congrats. Well done!!

Dan Esarey.
Margy Stewart(non-registered)
Powerful photos! They take us right in to moments of LIFE! The beauty of the world makes me grateful--and grateful for photographers like you.
Richard Berling(non-registered)
Well, now at least I don't need to travel to Africa. I can just look at your great pictures.
Mickey Tipton(non-registered)
Awesome work Jim, Cindy!! You're living a dream for a lot of wanna-be "as good at photography as you are" thanks for sharing the world thru your beautiful images!!!
Shaukat Mahmood(non-registered)
Good eye!!
Bravo! Keep the good work going.
Amazing work!
Tanzania 2015 album stole my heart :)
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