Tanzania Trip Comments


“Tanzania was an adventure of a lifetime for me!  Jim and Cindy were organized and very helpful in preparing for the trip from start to finish.  The lodges, tent camps, and  meals were outstanding and definitely showed the pride and friendliness of the Tanzanian people.  The animals were amazing!  The guides knew where to find the animals and answered every question with expertise.  This adventure needs to be on your to do list!” 

- Lori R.


“Truly epic scenery and wildlife. Great food, friends and accommodations. It was the quickest 10 days of my life. Still marvel at the sights and sounds of the trip months later.”

- Philip D.


“FYI- after a lifetime of traveling - our all time top three are, in no specific order, your trip to Tanzania, the cruise on the Nile, and our South Pacific Honeymoon.    Oddly enough, two of the top three, are in Africa, and the quality of the food and the lodgings are not a significant part of the high ratings of the three trips.    It’s more to do with place and people.”

- John & Becky C.


“I had wanted to go to the Serengeti ever since the first time I heard about it as a kid. I wondered if that would ever happen, but when this opportunity came along I knew I had to take it. It’s pretty typical for something that you have been looking forward to for your whole life to be somewhat disappointing and anticlimactic. That was not the case here. The trip was better than anything I ever imagined, after decades of imagining. Landscapes. Mammals. Birds! Ecology. Learning. Photographing. And collecting stories about the wonderful people, the great lodging, the amazing guides, and the return to our ancestral home, Africa, the place we all came from.


When I got off the plane after the long plane ride back, and the trip was over, for the first time in my life I wanted to get right back on that plane for the long plane ride back and do it all over again. Words and photos cannot do justice to this trip. You need to go for yourself, sniff the dawn on the Serengeti and make your own memories.”

- Dave R.


"Jim's passions about photography and the Serengeti ecosystem collide in a spectacular fashion and spill over into his willingness to share them with everyone around him. His knowledge of the animals, the history and people make this one of the most educational and enjoyable trips that you will have the the pleasure to take. You'll always remember the first time you saw a lion or elephant in the wild and it will leave you wanting to return to Tanzania as soon as you possibly can.”

- Adam S.



“It is hard to put into words my experience of traveling to Tanzania with Jim and Cindy Griggs. Each day revealed another marvel. From the Noah’s Ark of animals in the Ngorongoro Crater to the sweeping vistas of the Serengeti, Tanzania is a photographer’s dream. Jim and Cindy did an excellent job of meeting the needs of fanatic photographers such as myself and more laid back travelers who wanted to view and move on. The use of multiple vehicles allowed us flexibility in movement as well as expanded scouting opportunities. I cannot say enough about our knowledgeable driver/guides who always had the answer, who were always willing and always smiling even when they were winching a truck (always mine) out of the mud. All facilities were excellent, particularly the tent camps.  Traveling to Tanzania in the so called rainy season (3X in 11 days) allowed us to see a green land with relatively few tourists. An added gift was two days in the Netherlands during tulip time. So what I can say but BEST TRIP EVER!”

- Joyce C.


“No one does it better.  From the time I indicated an interest until long after the safari was complete, I could not have asked for more.  Jim and Cindy Griggs are experienced travelers.  They know how to plan an adventure.  They do not skimp on the details.  They have a real passion for what they do.  They love the area they will be taking you to.


Your experience will take place in one of the worlds finest game reserves, the Serengeti.  The outfitters and guides are likely the highest rated group in all of Tanzania.  Every moment they are concerned with your comfort. satisfaction and safety.  Never  do you need to worry.


You will see an extremely wide variety of animals including the big five.  The cats, the giraffes, the rhinos, the elephants, they are all there.  You'll be able to watch them in their natural surroundings.  There are birds and reptiles you likely have never seen and will you have this rare opportunity to photograph them in the finest of habitats.  You will be able to see near extinct wildlife.  No doubt you will certainly feel differently about the world on your return to America.


North America has nothing like this.  Within your line of sight will be Kilimanjaro, taller than anything in North America.


Whether this is your 1st time away from home or you are a world traveler, you will certainly enjoy your time in Tanzania.  It is a beautiful country full of rich history and artifacts.  This amazing land is full of surprises.  Want to see dark skies, Tanzania has Dark Skies.


There is no other activity that I can recommend more sincerely than a photo safari to Tanzania with Jim and Cindy Griggs.” 

- Ralph L.


"We went to Tanzania with Jim & Cindy Griggs with great expectations and we certainly weren't disappointed. From hand-picked camps to great guides to abundant wildlife, this was the trip of a lifetime.”

- Jack & Becky C.


“After seeing Jim's presentation at my photo club, I added a photo safari to Tanzania to my bucket list. I love wildlife photography. Excited and nervous, with limited international travel experience, I wasn't sure what to expect. It turned out to be the most amazing trip. Our guides were fabulous and went above and beyond. Their eagle eyes spotted everything allowing us to shoot the "Big 5" and more. Around every corner there was something new and exciting. I even got to do some geocaching. It's going to be hard to top this trip!” 

- Jennifer H.


"Our adventure to Tanzania with Jim and Cindy Griggs was absolutely the best trip ever. Our guides were incredible, finding and providing the optimal camera angle for the wildlife. There are no words to describe the feeling when you see your first lion in the wild. I left a piece of my heart in the Serengeti, and I will go again, and encourage anyone who ever thought about making the trip to take the plunge."

- Sherry D.