Richard Berling(non-registered)
Well, now at least I don't need to travel to Africa. I can just look at your great pictures.
Mickey Tipton(non-registered)
Awesome work Jim, Cindy!! You're living a dream for a lot of wanna-be "as good at photography as you are" thanks for sharing the world thru your beautiful images!!!
Shaukat Mahmood(non-registered)
Good eye!!
Bravo! Keep the good work going.
Amazing work!
Tanzania 2015 album stole my heart :)
Erik Rörsch(non-registered)
Finally made the time to see all these wonderfull pictures. See you next time in The Netherlands for real.
Bill Araujo(non-registered)
Wonderful and inspiring images. I'll be spending more time here exploring.
Jenny Bloa(non-registered)
great site Jim!
sandy g. walmsley(non-registered)
class of '65 soho. great pics jim. looked at graduation shot and sure enough my nerdy self is right in the center. lol. lots of great memories of how close most of us grew during those years..
John Feemster(non-registered)
Looks like fun. You did a great job again Keep up good work
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